Barwood Land

Winneycroft, Gloucester


Winneycroft, Gloucester


This 50 acre site is located on the southern edge of Gloucester.

When secured in 2012, the Council indicated it would not support an allocation of the site. Following a period of consultation with stakeholders and the local community, a planning application for 420 homes was submitted in 2014. The Council resolved to grant planning permission in December 2015 and the Council has confirmed that it will allocate the site in its emerging joint local plan.

In resolving to grant planning permission, the planning committee went against its Officers’ recommendation in respect of the level of affordable housing that can be provided on the site. Barwood Land has subsequently submitted a planning appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to resolve this issue.

A decision on the site is expected in early 2017, after which the site will be marketed for sale.

Indicative Masterplan


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