Barwood Land

Redhouse Farm


Redhouse Farm


Redhouse Farm is a sustainable location, close to Burton on Trent town centre.

Currently the site is partially brownfield, accessable from both Lower Outwoods Road and Resevoir Road. An existing bus route runs within half a kilometre of the site and there is the opportunity to route an service through the development. The site has an existing Public Right of Way running from the north west to the south east with potential to connect into an existing national cycle route. The site adjoins existing areas of housing.

Phase 1 was granted planning permission for the erection of up to 250 dwellings in November 2013 by the Secretary of State where it was concluded that the site is in a sustainable location for housing development and planning permission for an additional 150 units including land for a new school was also granted at appeal. Phase 1 has subsequently been sold to Davidsons Homes and Strata Homes.

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