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Barwood controlled the land on the southern side of Bardon Road, Coalville and are currently producing a development scheme for new housing development.

Barwood are specialists in the identification and promotion of land through the planning process. They pride themselves in designing and delivering homes that are not just built for today, but are designed as permanent enhancements to the villages and towns in which they are located. They achieve this by their commitment to excellence in design, sensitive landscaping and sympathetic restoration, addressing the needs not only of customers but of their neighbours, and the broader community of which they are part.

Why is more housing needed?

Being the largest town in North West Leicestershire district, Coalville is of a size and has a range of services such that it is recognised as being an appropriate and sustainable location to accommodate housing and employment growth throughout the next 15 – 20 years.

North West Leicestershire District Council is required to provide for at least 10,200 new homes to meet housing needs between 2006 and 2026. This means 510 new homes need to be built every year. This has not been happening however, and between 2006 and 2012 the average number of homes built in the district was only 262 per year (about half the number actually required), leaving a shortfall of almost 1,500 homes which are needed but have not been built.

Why here?

The Council has an emerging Core Strategy for the district, which directs new development to the most sustainable locations, particularly Coalville urban area where 4,950 new homes are proposed up to 2031.

Development of this site fits with the Council’s preference for most new growth to be to the south-east of Coalville, including:

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