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Arkall Farm


Arkall Farm


The site comprises 187 acres land on the edge of Tamworth, in the administrative area of Lichfield District.

The site was allocated in the Lichfield Local Plan for housing delivery to help meet the neighbouring authority’s (Tamworth Borough) housing requirements.

The planning application, for 1,000 homes, is expected to be determined by the District’s planning committee in autumn 2016.

What is being proposed?

Benefits delivered

Our site at Ashby Road offers the opportunity to deliver some of the new housing that is allocated in the Lichfield Local Pan, and to do so in a manner that will make a positive and attractive contribution to the town of Tamworth.
We have carefully assessed the site’s characteristics and the opportunities it presents to develop an attractive and spacious new addition to Tamworth, with a large amount of open space and landscaped parkland.

The proposal will deliver the following benefits:

In addition to the above list of benefits delivered on the site itself, the development will make significant contributions to the following:

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