Barwood Land

Barwood Land is expert in the whole process of planning and land acquisition bringing benefits to everyone each step of the way.

Our Story

Adding value to land through the planning process

In 2009 Barwood entered into a joint venture with Development Securities PLC (now U+I PLC) to create Barwood Development Securities Ltd. This company, which trades under the Barwood Land brand, specialises in promoting unallocated land through the planning process for primarily residential development.

Barwood Land adopts a straight forward, hands on and dynamic approach at every stage of the process; from securing sites with landowners and the promotion of sites by skillfully navigating the intricacies of the UK planning system through to the end sale of the consented land to maximise sale receipts.

We continue to look for quality opportunities, acquiring land  by way of  joint venture partnership, outright purchase or option. Our agreements are tailored to meet the individual needs of the landowner and the project ensuring we can add real value through our extensive planning and development experience.